Have you ever noticed how financial “experts” are never wrong…?

How, if they lose your money, fail to see a recession coming or miss the major buying opportunities, that it’s always someone or something else’s fault?
“It was the Federal Reserves fault for raising interest rates/leaving them too low” “It was because of unemployment rates!…geopolitical risks!…the surprise election results!…the coup in country X…” and on, and on, and on…

Isn’t anticipating these kinds of changes exactly what makes one an expert?!

If your financial advisor, fund manager, or market forecaster FAILED to see the greatest buying opportunity of a lifetime (March 2009), the greatest selling opportunity of the decade (October 2007), the greatest housing crisis in US history (Sept 2005), then you have to ask the most obvious question…WHAT MAKES THEM AN EXPERT?!

What are they actually an expert at?!

An old mentor of mine once taught me that, “all progress begins by telling the truth.” How, as an investor, can you ever expect to get ahead by following the advice of anybody that cannot accept, share, own, account for and LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES if they never make any…? The obvious truth is that, you cannot. You will not see progress or improvement in your investments, unless and until you can get advice from somebody that TELLS THE TRUTH.

Welcome to The Parallax Report; where all progress begins by telling the truth.

Dear Mr Macdonald. I feel obliged to reach out with a suggestion for you as a fellow professional in the finance industry. I am a partner in a private fund of approx. US$800 million AUM. Our research department allocates significant funds to outside analysts work, such as your own. I wanted to inform you that we routinely pay between USD $900-$1200 PER ISSUE for reports that are not nearly as accurate or insightful as yours. I suggest that you consider increasing your prices. It may even help with credibility for new readers, as some will have incorrectly low expectations because of your modest prices. Respectfully, Naveen S.

I was hesitant at first to subscribe, a little fearful that I was not really going to come across anything new or truly different. (I mean, that’s what everyone claims to be, isn’t it?) Well, was I wrong. I only just subscribed this morning, but I’m truly enjoying the back issues I downloaded this afternoon. (I also really appreciated you personally replying to my inquiry). Neil K.

My first issue began with your deep-dive into what you got wrong in Dec 2016. Unbelievable. A breath of fresh air. Mica J.

I heard you speak at (X) and came away with the feeling that you were actually a real person (no offense). I have heard so many experts over the years, and they all talk down to their audience just because we don’t know as much. When you replied to my email, I knew I was right in my gut. I am SO glad I found you. Thanks Alastair! Tammy B.

When I first decided to subscribe, I thought the service was strangely affordable. To be honest, I kept waiting for the catch. But here I am 6 months in and…no catch! Great work for a truly great price. Terence D.

I read a lot. I probably subscribe to a dozen analysts and forecasters publications, but yours is the one I get the most from. It is excellent stuff. But, you need a better web designer. (Done! – Ed. ? ) Millie W.

Your work has been a game changer for me. Not only has my performance significantly improved, but so has my peace of mind. I know what to pay attention to now, and more importantly, what NOT to pay attention to. Thank you. Jerry M.

What is the Parallax Report?

On the second Friday of every month, basic subscribers receive a full multi-page report  via email. Premium Members receive that, PLUS interim reports, trade alerts, recession-watch updates and more. (See our pricing page for those details). Our bedrock monthly report for all subscribers, includes the following;

1) A macro review of global issues. Emerging trends give us a chance to improve our analysis and insight in real-time. It might be a review of the Brexit vote and its global implications (July 2016) or a Machiavellian type review of the pending conflict between North Korea and the United States (July 2017).

2) An update on current positions and recommendationsYears ago, a mentor of mine taught me a powerful lesson, when he told me that “all progress begins with telling the truth.” It is my fundamental operating principle. I own what I say, both right and wrong. I EAT MY OWN COOKING. This section is my monthly report card, where I actively seek out and share our successes, as well as my failures and mistakes, as soon as they are revealed to me. 

3) New opportunities. Where the initial macro view helps us improve our analysis, and the position update keeps us honest, the latter part of the monthly report is where we uncover new ideas and opportunities around the world. These can take the form of either selling current, or buying new holdings, or my monthly “radar report” section on areas I am watching for future potential.