What’s your refund policy?

Our “Ubuntu Guarantee” is our promise that we will never take a dollar from you that we did not earn. Simply contact us for a refund for that months bill and we will process it immediately.

No partial refunds depending on when in the pay period you requested it.

No “90 day waiting period.”

No tricks, gimmicks, doublespeak or chicanery.

We take pride in what we do, always endeavor to improve, are accountable for our work and stand by it. The Ubuntu Guarantee reflects that.

Do you offer private consulting or investment management?

Accredited investors seeking individual help with their personal situations can schedule a phone call to cover their needs and see if we are a good fit.

Simply title your email “Personal Inquiry” and send it to us directly at: editor@theparallaxreport.com 

What if I have a billing or service issue?

Can do! Drop us an email to inquiry@theparallaxreport.com detailing your issue and allow us a little time to get it resolved.

Will you speak at our event?

We always love a chance to share our perspective with groups amenable to alternative views and original thinking.

If you think we may be a good fit, contact us at inquiry@theparallaxreport.com and title your email “Speaking Inquiry” for the fastest response.

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No problem.

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And no, we will not spam you.

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