Alastair, you might recall our meeting back in 2006. I became a subscriber right after your talk at (East Coast University – Ed.). Then in about late 2007, you were warning about the increased chance of a market crash and I got afraid. I quit my subscription. Boy, was that foolish of me. I came around to see just what you always talked about; the things we don’t want to hear are often the most important ones.

So, this is me coming back, (hat in hand) to resubscribe. Hope we can talk again sometime.

(We talked – Ed 🙂 )

John K.

When I lost my husband and had to take over our family investments, I was so scared I was sick to my stomach. I knew so many newsletter writers were just crooks, and I never really felt safe with my financial advisor. You have educated me and I feel like you know exactly what it feels like to be me! Some things you write about are beyond my understanding, but I have a deep feeling of being taken care of with your advice and investment recommendations. I also know that you only recommend things that YOU actually do yourself. I can do this!

Thank you.

(PS Please feel free to use me as a testimonial for new subscribers.)

Diane G.

Dear Mr Macdonald.

I feel obliged to reach out with a suggestion for you as a fellow professional in the finance industry. I am a partner in a private fund of approx. US$800 million AUM. Our research department allocates significant funds to outside analysts work, such as your own. I wanted to inform you that we routinely pay between USD $900-$1200 PER ISSUE for reports that are not nearly as accurate or insightful as yours.

I suggest that you consider increasing your prices. It may even help with credibility for new readers, as some will have incorrectly low expectations because of your modest prices.


Naveen S.

Your Trump election call back in July blew me away. Wow!

The breakdown of why he would win was so right on, I had to go back and re-read it after the results came out. I am no fan of his, but the analysis was stone cold and emotionless (which is impossible to find out there in this day and age) and the outcome was just as you said it would be.

Any potential subscribers should probably be informed; your report is SO much more than just great investment advice. It is educational in a way that makes me think about…heck, everything! Thank you for what you do.

Derek L.

Honestly, sometimes I am doubtful of how you see the world…but in the end it makes SO much sense! It has taken me some time to come around to your way of seeing the world and markets (“indoctrination” I think you call it!) but my goodness, what a change it has made.

It seems as though I have a completely different view of the news, the experts, the politicians, you name it…I finally feel like I understand what is REALLY going on in these markets! I can’t thank you enough – Keep ’em coming!

Jean D.

Well, this report is right down our alley. Having spent 30+ years in the mortgage industry and as investors, we definitely have an opinion on this subject (Housing market – Ed). We fully concur with your analysis although the “consensus” of most would not.
Thank you for your insights. We always look forward to hearing from you.

Rick B.

You have ruined my view of the world! (But I forgive ya’ cos I am doing better than ever!).

Keep it up chief.

Jeffrey G.

Alastair, when you made the recommendation to buy (country stock index – Ed.) I just couldn’t believe it. Riots in the streets, political disaster and everyone on tv was saying things were only going to get worse! I think you called it a “perfect opportunity” and I thought you’d finally lost it.

So, of course, I chickened out and never followed your advice. It hurt me this morning to have another look at that investment again and see that I have given up a 33% gain in just the last 5 months since you made it. I am just writing to let you know; that won’t happen again. 

I am all in!

Matthew W.

Your insight is very helpful and since reading the last report we have given more thought and discussion to some big changes we have been mulling over in our business and our assets in general. I don’t know of anybody else that can apply their economic and financial analysis to direct actions we can take as business owners AND investors.

You really take the prize. I sure hope you are well rewarded for your work.

It is always a pleasure to learn from you.

Charles S.

The best value for me is that you don’t just focus on US stocks and markets. I am an international investor. I travel for work and get to see first-hand the opportunities out there beyond our own borders. Your foreign market recommendations have handily outperformed anything I can find here in America.

I’d say that’s the part of your work I am most pleased with; no mental borders. Just like me.

Jake C.

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