A Fourteen Year Track Record

What follows is a short performance snapshot of four different markets, showing the calls made and the outcomes that followed. The Parallax Report covers markets around the world. 

Contact us for similar track record charts showing forecasts made for Indian, South Korean, Vietnamese, German, Spanish, Italian, British, Singaporean, Thai, Brazilian, Argentinian, and Japanese stocks.

We also have calls made on select major forex relationships.

US Home Prices: A bubble for the ages

This chart shows US home prices as represented by the Case-Shiller National Home Price Index. The time frame covers their build up to the record extremes of the housing bubble. Overlayed are the warnings and forecasts as Parallax Report subscribers received them in real time.

The rest is history…

The Global Financial Crisis; a shock felt around the world

The Parallax Report announced the start of the financial crisis in August 2007, just six weeks before a peak in equity prices that would not be beaten again for another six years.

The warning was explicit, forecasting a bear market so bad that it would change the American landscape and take with it “at least one major financial institution.”

As importantly, the report also called the bottom in stocks at a time when the world was sure our very banking system was about to collapse. The rally forecasted (and reiterated four years later) remains in effect to this day; the largest point rally in US stock market history.

Once you’re lucky, twice…three times…?

Global Commodity Prices; the bust nobody saw coming

Having been aggresively recommending gold, silver and other inflation hedged holdings from 2004 onwards, the report was well ahead of the herd. The record prices hit in 2008 have yet to be matched, fully nine years later.

While the world and every expert out there was convinced that China’s booming economy would ensure ever higher commodity prices, The Parallax Report turned from extremely bullish to extremely bearish. The top warned about occured almost immediately.

The US Dollar Bull Market; the rally that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Experts the world over were warning about the Federal Reserve’s QE programs ruining the dollar. The dollars prospects were routinely compared to those of Zimbabwe and other hyper inflationary stories of history.

The Parallax Report took the opposite side calling for a record run in the USD that none of the experts would even believe.

Five years and over 40% later, that rally remains in place

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